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Our Trading CRM Technology

Finabits CRM in an innovative product designed to simplify the lives of forex brokers and traders. our powerful platform offers intuitive feature and tools to enhance the trading experience , while providing valuable insigh and support to our clients.

  • Efficiently manage your accounts with our robust platform. Get up and running with our speedy deployment process.
  • Effortlessly manage your IB account with our intuitive platform .
  • You can focus on trading, while we take care of the backend with our comprehensive Forex CRM solution.

What we suggest

Forex CRM Admin

  • Forex CRM system is a specialized CRM software tailored to the needs of Forex brokerage firms.
  • It typically includes features such as client management, lead tracking, trading account management, communication tools (like email and live chat), marketing automation, and reporting/analytics.
  • The CRM system helps brokerage firms streamline their operations, improve client engagement, manage leads effectively, and track the performance of their business.

Forex Back Office

  • A Forex back office refers to the administrative and support functions of a Forex brokerage firm that are necessary for the smooth operation of the business.
  • These functions typically include tasks related to compliance, risk management, customer support, account management, finance, and administrative duties give me this like arrow -right formate

Forex Trader's Room

  • A Forex trader's room, also known as a trader's cabinet or client portal, is a secure online platform provided by Forex brokers to their clients
  • It serves as a central hub for traders to manage their trading accounts, access trading tools and resources, perform financial transactions, and interact with the broker's services

Here are some of the Benefits of CRM

Better Decision-Making

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems play a crucial role in facilitating better decision-making within organizations.


Scalability in the context of CRM refers to the system's ability to handle growing amounts of data and transactions without compromising performance.

Sales Growth

sales growth is a crucial metric that reflects the effectiveness of a company's efforts in managing its relationships with customers and prospects.


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Payment Method 3 Payment Method 4

KYC verification / Logging

logging Logging

We archive all client history, such as deposit/trade history, threads with the support team, old personal information like phone numbers, emails, addresses, documents, etc.

KYC verification

Instant integration with KYC providers. We can support any custom single-level or multi-level providers with automatic or manual management. Sum-Sub WebSDK integration provides automatic KYC.

Our Pricing Plan


$900 / month

$9k / Year
  • SETUP FEE-1000 USD + 900 USD/Month(To be paid Quarterly USD 2700)
  • Lead Management
  • KYC Management
  • Admin DashBoard:Transactions Management
  • Live Account Management
  • Website Design & Graphics - 500 USD
  • Training Session - 1 Free
  • E-Wallet
  • Reports

Forex Elite

$1700 / month

$19k / Year
  • SETUP FEE -1000 USD + 1700 USD /Month (To be paid Quarterly USD )
  • Advanced Filters in each Module
  • VPS Server & IB Module
  • Multi Level IB Support upto 3 level
  • Group Mapping Support
  • Auto Switching Payment Gateway
  • Ticketing Module & FAQ
  • Website Design & Integration
  • Notification Module: SMTP
  • E-Mail Services


  • Please Connect With Sales Team
  • ADD ON
  • Mobile APP Android - $1000 + setup fee $1000
  • Mobile APP IOS - $1000 + setup fee $1000
  • Multi Brand : $800 Per extra Brand


  • For every client, there is a unique E-wallet. This E-wallet is considered as the bridge between the funds and the trading.
  • Our E-wallet can efficiently manage a variety of transactions such as MT5 to E-wallet and vice versa, Internal E-wallet transactions, IB commissions and E-wallet.

MT5 Integrating

  • By integrating MT5 with our CRM, you can unify your Forex trading platform, enabling centralized management of customer accounts, trades, and essential data.
  • This integration streamlines operations by consolidating vital functions into a single, accessible location.

Payment Geteway

  • Our Payment Gateway feature ensures the secure acceptance of customer payments through a variety of third-party payment methods, enhancing convenience for both businesses and clients. It offers seamless management capabilities, allowing easy configuration of payment limits and the addition of necessary functionalities.
  • With this feature, businesses can streamline their payment processes, providing a user-friendly and hassle-free experience for customers while ensuring the security and integrity of transactions.

Ticketing Support System

  • Our Ticketing Support System feature simplifies your customer service operations by allowing you to efficiently manage and track customer inquiries.
  • With this tool, you can assign tickets to the appropriate team members, monitor their progress, and ensure timely resolution of customer


  • A dashboard is a user interface that provides a visual representation of key information, metrics, and data points in a centralized location
  • Dashboards are commonly used in various fields, including business, finance, healthcare, and technology, to monitor performance, track progress, and make informed decisions.

Multi-Level IB Program

  • We provide a multi-level introducing broker feature designed to streamline the management of IB networks and commission tracking across different levels. Building a successful Introducing Broker (IB) network entails inviting partners, facilitating client attraction, and equipping them with tools for client management
  • Through diligent monitoring of key metrics, brokers can evaluate network performance and facilitate expansion. By adopting a structured approach, brokers can optimize their outreach efforts and foster growth within their IB network.

White Label MT5 Trading

We provide MT5 White Labels, which are renowned Forex label platforms developed by MetaQuotes and utilized by 90% of traders worldwide. In the Forex Brokerage business, several vital components contribute to success, including a Forex website, trader's room, CRM system, and payment processing systems. A dependable Forex trading platform, coupled with top-notch technical support, is indispensable for achieving business success in the Forex industry.

  1. License Purchase: Not feasible for startups, which is why we provide White Label solutions at very affordable rates.
  2. Servers: UpTrader provides a global server network for stable and fast platform performance.
  3. Technical Support: Maintaining MetaTrader demands skilled staff. Our team offers 24/7 assistance.
  4. Fully Integrated Solution: White Label MT5 comprises essential software components - trading room, CRM, back office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A good Forex CRM is the heart of a retail brokerage and is a vital tool for the optimal functioning of any business. With today‚Äôs increasing competition and industry demands, operating a brokerage is tougher than ever when it comes to taking care of your clients needs. A brokerage needs to differentiate itself to succeed and implementing a good CRM will help avoid falling into the trap that some retail Forex brokerages have due to their inability to retain traders. A Forex CRM is therefore a main consideration for a professionally run business, enabling you to efficiently handle all your clients needs and one which will ultimately help you get the edge over your competitors

  • Key features of CRM systems typically include contact management, sales automation, lead management, marketing automation, customer service and support, analytics and reporting, and integration capabilities with other business systems.

  • CRM benefits businesses by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing sales and revenue, streamlining business processes, enhancing collaboration across teams, providing insights for better decision-making, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

  • Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from CRM. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, if you have customers or clients, managing those relationships effectively can drive business success.

  • CRM can help with customer retention by enabling businesses to identify and prioritize high-value customers, personalize interactions based on their preferences and behavior, proactively address their needs and concerns, and maintain ongoing communication to build loyalty and trust.